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9. September 2015 | Cologne, Germany

Direvo enzymes improve ethanol industry margins

Direvo Industrial Biotechnology, demonstrated that its proprietary enzyme blend, BluZy® -P XL 1000 increased oil recovery over traditional mechanical separation and chemical addition by over 20%. BluZy®-P XL 1000, custom designed to disrupt the corn fiber matrix and release oil, was tested in an extended commercial trial with a major US ethanol producer. Optimized corn oil recovery is a major margin improvement opportunity for the ethanol industry providing an immediate bottom-line impact through enhanced co-product revenues for an average sized plant. Additionally, ethanol yields are reportedly increased which is being validated through extensive trials with early adopters. BluZy®-P XL000 can be utilized by ethanol producers with no incremental capital expenditures.

Jorg Riesmeier, CEO, stated that Direvo, with extensive bio-technical capabilities and enzyme know-how, has made significant progress to meet its business mission of improving the economic health of the corn-based ethanol industry. "The industry is focusing on improving the value of co-products. We are enthusiastic about how our products will lead to a more profitable and sustainable ethanol production business model. BluZy®-P XL 1000 is our initial commercial launch of new value-added enzymes for the ethanol industry. We are excited about the prospects in working with our business partners to provide unique and quantifiable benefits to the ethanol industry."


About Direvo Industrial Biotechnology

Direvo is a biotechnology company with focus on the biomass conversion industry. Direvo identifies bottlenecks and weaknesses in current industrial processes in this sector and develops and implements biology-based solutions together with large and small industrial partners. Direvo's products are newly designed enzymes and microorganisms of the highest quality that provide easy-to-implement, cost-effective solutions. Direvo's contribution assures that partners stay competitive and profitable while supporting them to make the future more profitable, sustainable and safer. You can find more information at the website


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Greg Keeley

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Direvo enzymes improve ethanol industry margins9. September 2015
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Direvo Announces the USPTO Issuance of a Patent Claiming the Use of Enzyme Mixes In Biorefineries31. March 2015
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Direvo is the only small-and-medium-enterprise member of a bioindustry consortium for BRIDGE, the strategic Public Private Partnership of European Commission for Biobased and Renewables Industries11. April 2013
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Direvo announces successful closure of 3.5 Million Euro financing round18. March 2013
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DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology appoints Karl-Gerhard Seifert Chairman of the Advisory Board10. March 2010
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DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology Raises € 6 Million01. February 2010
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DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH appoints Dr. Joerg Riesmeier as COO18. January 2010
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DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH up and running - german09. July 2009
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DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH up and running - english09. July 2009
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DIREVO Announces Sale of its Subsidiary DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH and Series A Financing16. September 2008
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Direvo enzymes improve ethanol industry margins

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