BluZy®-P XL improves process efficiency of dry-grind ethanol production at multiple steps in the process.

BluZy®-P XL is an easy to implement enzyme technology that
significantly increases oil recovery and lowers production costs.

BluZy®-P XL immediately and directly improves your process with quantifiable results that go directly to your bottom line.

Increasing Oil Yield

BluZy®-P XL releases bound oil and increases the amount of free oil in thin stillage. More oil is available for extraction.

Reduced Energy Consumption
BluZy®-P XL releases bound water in the corn matrix. This leads to lower moisture in distillers grain to be dried, thus reducing natural gas usage. BluZy®-P XL improves over-all downstream process efficiencies and lowers energy costs.

Improving Fermentation Efficiency
BluZy®-P XL releases starch entrapped in the fiber matrix and makes it readily available for saccharification and fermentation.

BluZy®-P XL | One product – three benefits

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